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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life and Activities

Lamar State College Orange is proud of the many individuals who have taken advantage of the educational opportunities that we have been providing since 1969. Some of you will graduate with certificates and/or degrees while others will start your college careers at LSCO before finishing at a senior institution. Some of you will take specific courses that give you the knowledge and skills needed to start or improve your career. Regardless of your motivation, once you attend Lamar State College Orange you become part of our campus Gator family.

As a member of the Gator family, we want to keep you informed about campus events and activities and give you a chance to stay in touch. Alumni Association dues are $35 annually and provide members with campus information, access to a range of services and college-sponsored events, and help fund scholarships for our students.

Student Center

The Student Center provides facilities for leisure-time recreation and is the campus center for many extracurricular activities. The center includes a TV, café, games, and recreational facilities. All students must present their Lamar State College Orange student identification cards at the front check-in counter in order to use these facilities.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the representative voice of students, as a major facilitator of new and improved student services and programs, and in an important role relative to student judicial proceedings. All students enrolled in good standing at Lamar State College Orange are eligible to become members of the Student Government Association, allowing each student to promote, support, and participate in a well-rounded student life program.

The president and officers of the Student Government Association are elected each spring in a general student election. Student senators are elected each semester. Student opinions may be expressed at the open meetings of the SGA, held during the fall and spring semesters every Thursday at 3 P.M. in Student Center Room 202.

Student Organizations

Many student organizations offer membership opportunities in one or more groups: professional, religious, academic, honor, spirit, sports, or activity. Participation in student organization activities enhances the education of students, and students are strongly encouraged to affiliate with the organization(s) of their choice and participate in the programs.

Risk Management

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature added section 51.9361 to the Texas Education Code regarding risk management training of officers and advisors of student organizations. Consequently, universities and community colleges are required to provide training in seven different topics related to risk management. Advisors are required to attend risk management training once and specified officers are required to attend training annually.

LSCO is expected to disseminate this training content at a meeting of the full membership of the organization/club. Topics to be covered include:

  • possession and use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, including penalties that may be imposed for possession or use;
  • hazing;
  • sexual abuse and harassment;
  • fire and other safety issues, including the possession and use of a firearm or other weapon or an explosive device;
  • travel to a destination outside the area in which the institution is located;
  • behavior at parties and other events held by a student organization;
  • other pertinent information regarding the use of Lamar State College Orange property, trademarks, etc. adoption by a student organization of a risk management policy.

Student Publications

Cypress Branches is a literary journal that encourages and promotes the literary, artistic, and photographic expression of students of Lamar State College Orange. Entries are judged by a qualified panel of judges. Entries are received, judged, published, and awarded prizes every spring semester. Students from all majors and fields of study are encouraged to make submissions.

Recreational Sports

All faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students with valid Lamar State College Orange ID cards have access to the recreational facilities and may participate in activities offered by the College. Published schedules and reservations allow students, faculty, or staff members to exercise and enjoy competition with friends. The intramural program provides an opportunity to participate in supervised, competitive sports among groups within the College community. The stated purpose of the intramural program is to promote human understanding, fair play, and behavioral control through the interrelationships occurring in athletic competition. Further information on any facet of the recreational sports program may be obtained from the Coordinator of Student Activities.