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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Compact with Texans

Agency Name

Lamar State College Orange

Services Rendered

LSCO is a state-supported, two-year institution of higher education offering students both an academic transfer curriculum and a variety of high-quality vocational, and technical programs. Additionally, non-credit classes and training opportunities are provided for the continuing education of community members and the customized training needs of local businesses and industries.

Service Principles

LSCO is committed to providing quality service to students who can expect:

  • reliability – consistent quality performance, access to services, and timely and accurate completion of tasks.
  • credibility – qualified faculty and staff, trustworthy administrators, prompt problem solving, and accurate printed materials.
  • environment – conducive to learning-safe premises, appropriately dressed faculty and staff, and friendly and accurate information.
  • responsiveness – helpful and accessible staff, quick service, prompt communication, and satisfactory student information.
  • concern – expeditious and caring attention to student needs, empathetic faculty and staff, and reliable and credible problem-solving.

Service Goals and Objectives

LSCO is committed to maintaining an appropriate and current curriculum; maintaining excellence in instruction; providing personal and academic counseling for students; providing extracurricular opportunities conducive to lifelong personal development; providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing campus; and cooperating with individual and community groups to promote education, economic development, and cultural opportunities.

Standards for Maximum Wait Time

LSCO is committed to processing transcript requests within a 24-48 hour period; determining financial aid awards within three weeks of receiving a completed file; registering (enrolling) students for classes within 15-30 minutes of initial contact (unless the student registers themselves via Gator Self Service Banner); receiving service at the Cashier’s Office within 15 minutes; determining admission into competitive-entry programs within 30 days; reporting results of credit-by-exam within one week; responding to requests for ADA accommodations in one day; answering the phone in four rings; completing transcript evaluations within a week after receiving the official transcript, and processing admission applications within 24 hours.


Students desiring to file initial complaints regarding non-academic issues should bring the complaints to the attention of the appropriate department head for resolution. If an acceptable resolution is not reached within five working days, the student can then file a formal written complaint on the Complaint Intake Form (located on Blackboard or in the Office of the Dean of Student Services). The complaint is logged in at this time and routed to the department against which the complaint has been made. If the resolution is not achieved, the complainant may appeal to the Dean of Student Services. Students may expect a maximum of five (5) days per step in the complaint resolution procedure. The decision of the Dean of Student Services is final. Academic complaints/grievances should first be filed in writing with the instructor. If the resolution is not achieved, the complainant may appeal through the chain of command possibly culminating with a hearing before the Academic Appeals Committee. Students are then notified, in writing, of the decision. Procedures for pursuing specific types of grievances are detailed in the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, the LSCO Faculty Handbook, the LSCO Student Handbook, and the LSCO Catalog. Students may expect a maximum of five (5) working days per step in the grievance procedure.

Student Relations Representative

Brian Hull
Dean of Student Services
Ron E. Lewis Library Building, Room 359
(409) 882-3342